Friday, July 11, 2008

Revolution or Revolutionaries?

OK, so I'm going to rant about bureaucrats and fascists (one and the same, really). The real problem with California is that people want to blame the wrong person/thing. We blame the Governor when the Legislature spends more than they take in, then want to raise taxes to cover their incompetence. We blame the legislature when the laws don't stop criminals when by definition criminals are people who don't obey the law (is that a dichotomy or a conundrum?). We blame politicians when the bureaucrats are mindless and refuse to think (outside or inside the box, they don't think at ALL), the system breaks down and deserving people fall through the cracks. I makes you want to foment revolution. We don't need revolution; we need revolutionary people. People who want to see change that works, not just change for the sake of change. How about a Constitutional Amendment that requires any bill passed that conflicts with another law must be reconciled before it becomes law? Any bill under consideration must be reviewed for redundancy and rejected prior to committee if it is found to repeat any law already in effect? Any bureaucracy that duplicates the duties of another bureaucracy must be eliminated? Any tax must have a "Twilight Clause" that reduces or eliminates the tax after a certain time (say, 5-10 years) and requires a review and new law passed to reinstate it? We are told that lawmakers should not be subject to term limits, because by the time they understand how the "system" works, they are out of office. That is EXACTLY what I want. No more career politicians, no more "working the system". No more "system" at all. Just ordinary people trying to protect the innocent and help the disadvantaged (help, not support for the rest of their lives). People who understand that a free society means minimal government intervention. That when you tax something, you get less of it and when you subsidize something you get more of it. That those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither. That the power of Law eminates from the People, not from the Government or the Bureaucracy. Security comes from the People being able to enforce societal norms. Whether it is through police power of government or vigilante power of the community. Where the first breaks down, the second must take over or anarchy and ultimately the Law of the Jungle will come to supremacy. History tells us that the animal called Man is evil. Children must be TAUGHT to live together and society will reject, forcefully if necessary, those who refuse to recognize the rights of others. Every revolution has been based on the right of the people to choose how they will live and be governed. If our society will succeed and survive, we need a few more revolutionaries.

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